14/10 2020

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Marine Engineer for the largest Insulin Factory in the World

Are you energised by the kind of problem solving that allows your group to be the reason major losses are avoided and huge potential is harvested? If you know your way around pipes, tanks and valves, and you always seem to know about problems before they arise, you may be the one we are looking for. If you are professionally ready to take responsibility for keeping our operational equipment running in a manufacturing setup with very high-quality standards, we may even have the job you are looking for.

About the department

In Insulin Manufacturing 1(IM1), we produce the core ingredients in the most recent Novo Nordisk products. In IM1 Maintenance Development, where you will be part of a team of 21 other supporters with expertise that might differ from yours, we handle all the technical support needs of both the line and the maintenance teams. We spend a lot of time on shop floor, supporting, building relations and making sure that we fully understand the process and equipment that constitute the backbone of our production. Whenever technical issues arise – and preferably before – we facilitate the problem solving and the development of corrective and preventive measures that will allow the production to continue.

The job

As our new colleague, your days will be highly varied. Mostly, you will work around pipes, valves, centrifuges, pumps and chromatography columns and all the maintenance and production people that handle them as part of their daily work. Sometimes, your expertise will be needed for problem solving – facilitating the systematic root cause finding that we can base corrective and preventive measures on.

At other times, optimisations and projects will be your focus – making sure that we will be able to meet the demands of the future. We harvest huge amounts of data, and the identification of trends, potential and risk through extensive data analysis, is a major source of new initiatives. Getting ready for Industry 4.0 with online monitoring of equipment integrity and predictive maintenance, provides you with the opportunity to help us take productivity to the next level.

The position is highly visible – you will gain a large network, because of your contributions to the improved effectiveness of both production and maintenance. Sometimes, issues cannot be solved inside our team or department, so you will often find yourself working across the organisation, providing you with valuable business insights that we expect you to transform into solid solutions and ambitious, obtainable goals.

The job merits that you are well qualified in English as well as in Danish, enabling you to have technical discussions with all of your colleagues.


Most importantly, you have a feel for large machinery like ours – pumps and pipes rarely surprise you, and you probably have an educational background as a marine engineer or other engineering degree. The position requires good English proficiency as well as an interest in solving technical problems and creating lasting improvements for both maintenance and production.

People will tell us that you are great at setting the direction and energise people around you on your ideas. You can demonstrate to us how this energy is transformed into solid results, and how you never compromise on quality. We expect you to be ready to work within the regulatory demands we adhere to as a pharmaceutical production, as well as having the motivation to learn more about it quickly. In general, you create trustful relations with ease, you thrive in the exchange of knowledge and you are a good listener when a colleague comes to you with a technical issue, making sure you get all the information you need to make a difference with your systematic approach.

Working at Novo Nordisk

We improve the lives of millions of people living with diabetes and hemophilia, in 180 countries around the globe. We share a strong sense of responsibility towards our end users, the environment and society as a whole. At Novo Nordisk, you will be met with trust, interesting challenges and a variety of personal opportunities.

Being an integral part of the local infrastructure, and with 15 factories covering the 1.350.000 square meters, the Novo Nordisk site close to Kalundborg is a small city in itself. Here, 3.300 employees produce half the global supply of insulin, along with several of Novo Nordisks Biopharma products.


If you have questions or need to know more about the position to know if it is for you, please call Claes Tinglev Åside at +45 3075 0416.

Should you wish to learn more about what is it like to work here, this is a good place to begin: https://www.novonordisk.com/careers/working-at-novo-nordisk.html


9. november 2020

Millions rely on us
To work for Novo Nordisk you will need the skills, dedication and ambition to change lives for the better for millions of patients living with diabetes and other chronic diseases. In exchange, we offer the chance to be part of a truly global workplace, where passion and engagement are met with opportunities for professional and personal development.

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